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Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society is a general scholarship honor society open to junior and senior men and women in all academic areas who meet the requirements of the society.

Our purpose is to promote high scholarship; to encourage sincere and zealous endeavor in all fields of knowledge and service; to cultivate a high order of personal living; and to develop an appreciation for scholarship and scholarly endeavor in others.

A message from our President.

The 75th Anniversary of the founding of our organization is an absolutely amazing feat. We have overcome insurmountable obstacles in order to stand consistently strong each year. On this auspicious occasion, I would like to congratulate the entire Alpha Kappa Mu family and encourage us to maintain positive energy and keep moving forward!  Our organization has remarkably stood the test of time!  Indeed, we have faced many challenges. Nonetheless, we have continued to relentlessly promote our principles of "Scholarship, Leadership, and Service" for more than seven decades. As always, it is our younger generation that will continue our legacy of success through their scholastic endeavors and other noteworthy achievements. So, my theme for this momentous anniversary is: "Keep Moving Forward!"

 To have another 75 years of outstanding achievement, we must continue to overcome any barrier or seemingly insignificant obstacle that would attempt to discourage our students or derail our organization. One of the great challenges of life is to have both the wisdom to recognize those sources of negativity and the courage to cast them aside. We must valiantly fight the "poisons" that kill hope, ambition, enthusiasm and the thirst for achievement, wherever they may be.  Our greatest weapons in this fight are high aspirations, knowledge and achievement.  Assuredly, there are individuals who will discourage those of us in search of a better life; yet it is essential that each of us find what we were "meant to do" if true happiness and achievement are to be found. Others will frown upon those who set ambitious goals. And yet, without goals, there can be no achievement; and without achievement, we do not move forward.  As such, we must turn away from friends and foes who attempt to limit us, even when it hurts.  

 We have made it through the preceding 75 years because we did not set limits on ourselves.  As scholars, and future inductees we must continue to plow through and keep moving forward no matter what lies in our path. This is how we will make it another 75 years. We must maintain our primary focus: to promote outstanding scholarship, to encourage sincere and zealous endeavors in all fields of knowledge and service, to cultivate excellence in personal living, and to develop an appreciation for scholarship and scholarly endeavor in others.

Onwards to a successful 2013 and beyond! I salute you all on your journeys to success. I encourage you to continue maneuvering past obstacles and "keep moving forward."

Dr. Francis E. Dorsey
National President, AKM


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  Alpha Kappa Mu Newsletter Vol. 34, No.1 - September, 2014

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